The Astrology of the Oil Spill

This morning I had a look at the chart for the oil spill in the Gulf which happened in April and is still happening. 9:50 pm April 20, 2010. I made it for New Orleans, although it was actually 50 miles or so out in the Gulf, but this is close enough. What I look for immediately is Uranus for explosions, and there it is just about to leave Pisces, the sign for oil among other things, and it was poised, four days later, to go into its fourth in a series of five oppositions to Saturn. This series began in Nov. ‘08 and will last into the latter part of July this year. The classic struggle in an opposition of these two potent forces is between the new and the old. Saturn represents contraction, containment, the known and lives within the boundary of what is already well established. Uranus represents the explosive energy of newness, the force of liberation, and everything that is totally unexpected. This is the theme of many fronts that has been operating now and for a while, but more potently since the fall of ’08. Saturn (represents BP and all the other powers that be) tries to control this forceful burst and so far it’s been unable to. It’s curious to see how when major planets move into a new sign, there is often an event that marks its last major impact in the sign it’s just leaving. On May 29 Uranus moved into Aries, and so we can look toward what could show up when this fifth opposition happens this time in the Cardinal signs of Aries/Libra. Zero degrees. Potent, I say, but hard to predict what the impact will be. For the astrologers among us, here is the chart of the Oil Spill.

Astrology of the Oil Spill

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The Exhibit in Hindsight

To summarize the events of this show I find myself saying, “It has been an incredible appetizer.” I could have wished for greater attendance over all, but it also gave me a chance to speak with every single person who came into the gallery. There was no person who walked in, did a quick survey of what the walls held and then walked out. Each person wanted to know about this work, and they made comments that let me know that my intention with this work is congruent with what folks experienced. I heard comments like, “I feel like I want to go right in there and swim around,” “I feel energized,” “The color is so incredibly beautiful,” “They are contemplative,” and my favorite was “each one feels like a ray of sunshine.” And people bought work…..I roughly figured it out that about 25% of the people who came bought something. A few people bought only a note card or two, and I did not sell any of the largest pieces, but across the board, I was pleased that there were real purchases. This was the first time out for this work, and people were willing to take a little taste. And now I prepare for a larger meal!

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Old and New

The gallery talk went very well. 15 people attended. They were interested, asked good questions and were extremely attentive. I was able to successfully connect visually all the parts of the creative life in an interesting and coherent way. The discovery of the true relationships that exist within my whole body of work surprised even me. One of the more vivid examples of this is the futuristic coat I made in about 1980, and a very recent image that has the exact same colors and even has a similar tubular feel!

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Boston Show is Hung

I’m extremely pleased with the way the show looks. It’s hung and lit. It surprised me that I had exactly the right number of pieces….there were none that I struggled to place, and there were no holes. It went up easily.

Hangings for Boston Show

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On Public Speaking

I’m very excited and happy about the upcoming show that will happen in May with my work in Boston. I find myself eagerly working out all the details as they come along. It has felt easy and fun so far, and although I am taking it on as something of a challenge to do a gallery talk, I am going to do that, and I intend to notice what comes up for me as I plan for it. My childhood contained some public speaking events that I experienced as excruciatingly embarrassing. One of the more memorable is the one where I forgot the notes that came next in the middle of a piano recital when I was about eight. In spite of some very strong prompts from my teacher, I still couldn’t remember and so I had to sit down. My parents didn’t look at me. To my shame and horror, in addition to what had already occurred, during a very quiet moment in the next person’s recital piece, my hands completely uncontrollably flew up and formulated all on their own, one giant and resounding clap. All heads turned to look at me. The moment still lives within. I think it’s time to let it go.

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Looking Ahead

Another perspective I have on having a blog is this: Now that I’m a grandmother, my view of the ‘future’ has stretched. Seven generations seems a little far away, and harder to grasp somehow, but two is very much at hand. And I care. There are some dark looking things on the horizon and I don’t like it…..for them. I may not be around by the time some of this stuff materializes, but they will. So I can take a grandmotherly view of some things and hold a deep desire that all of us humans find ways to be a little bit nicer to one another.

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Considering the Benefits of Blogging

It took a while to imagine that, for me, a blog would be fun. It has to be fun or I won’t do it, and for along time my mind thought the commitment to it could become a feeling of pressure. Pressure to think of topics that would be interesting enough to want to write about. The thing that changed my thoughts about it is the realization that we are living in such a rapidly changing world, and how fun it could be to add my two cents on the varying aspects of it. The part that fascinates me is the huge variety of thoughts that exist in and about the internet on the topic of 2012. It’s huge. So what is this about, and there’s so many varied ideas about what is going to ‘happen’? Well, I say, it’s happening. It’s ramping up for sure. All those folks who ever since the mid sixties and Edgar Cayce (me included) were certain Earth Changes were going to happen. I was introduced by my friend Karen to a website that has a world map you can click on and see where the current earthquakes are. Amazing….there are around 50 earthquakes a day, here and there. Mostly on the Pacific rim. Some tiny, some surprisingly large. This is not to say it hasn’t always been so, 50 earthquakes a day, I don’t have any idea. There may be more lately, or not….but what’s fascinating is that here is a place a person can find out! There are so many opportunities to ‘find out’ stuff.

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