On Public Speaking

I’m very excited and happy about the upcoming show that will happen in May with my work in Boston. I find myself eagerly working out all the details as they come along. It has felt easy and fun so far, and although I am taking it on as something of a challenge to do a gallery talk, I am going to do that, and I intend to notice what comes up for me as I plan for it. My childhood contained some public speaking events that I experienced as excruciatingly embarrassing. One of the more memorable is the one where I forgot the notes that came next in the middle of a piano recital when I was about eight. In spite of some very strong prompts from my teacher, I still couldn’t remember and so I had to sit down. My parents didn’t look at me. To my shame and horror, in addition to what had already occurred, during a very quiet moment in the next person’s recital piece, my hands completely uncontrollably flew up and formulated all on their own, one giant and resounding clap. All heads turned to look at me. The moment still lives within. I think it’s time to let it go.

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