The Exhibit in Hindsight

To summarize the events of this show I find myself saying, “It has been an incredible appetizer.” I could have wished for greater attendance over all, but it also gave me a chance to speak with every single person who came into the gallery. There was no person who walked in, did a quick survey of what the walls held and then walked out. Each person wanted to know about this work, and they made comments that let me know that my intention with this work is congruent with what folks experienced. I heard comments like, “I feel like I want to go right in there and swim around,” “I feel energized,” “The color is so incredibly beautiful,” “They are contemplative,” and my favorite was “each one feels like a ray of sunshine.” And people bought work…..I roughly figured it out that about 25% of the people who came bought something. A few people bought only a note card or two, and I did not sell any of the largest pieces, but across the board, I was pleased that there were real purchases. This was the first time out for this work, and people were willing to take a little taste. And now I prepare for a larger meal!

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