Considering the Benefits of Blogging

It took a while to imagine that, for me, a blog would be fun. It has to be fun or I won’t do it, and for along time my mind thought the commitment to it could become a feeling of pressure. Pressure to think of topics that would be interesting enough to want to write about. The thing that changed my thoughts about it is the realization that we are living in such a rapidly changing world, and how fun it could be to add my two cents on the varying aspects of it. The part that fascinates me is the huge variety of thoughts that exist in and about the internet on the topic of 2012. It’s huge. So what is this about, and there’s so many varied ideas about what is going to ‘happen’? Well, I say, it’s happening. It’s ramping up for sure. All those folks who ever since the mid sixties and Edgar Cayce (me included) were certain Earth Changes were going to happen. I was introduced by my friend Karen to a website that has a world map you can click on and see where the current earthquakes are. Amazing….there are around 50 earthquakes a day, here and there. Mostly on the Pacific rim. Some tiny, some surprisingly large. This is not to say it hasn’t always been so, 50 earthquakes a day, I don’t have any idea. There may be more lately, or not….but what’s fascinating is that here is a place a person can find out! There are so many opportunities to ‘find out’ stuff.

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